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Open Source & other free software
  • Trillian - a neat IM client
  • NVU - the mozilla composer on steroids
  • MySQL - heaveyweight DBMS
  • OpenOffice - a free alternative to MS Office
  • Eclipse - the techies java editor (and a whole lot more - check out EPF composer, EMF and NomadPIM for example)
  • Safari - this has cut my professional book purchases in half (something that has my accountant in tears)
  • Filezilla - a free ftp client
  • FireFox - need I say more
  • Thunderbird - Ditto 
  • Lightning - a calender add in for Thuderbird
  • NetOffice - an open source internet-enabled system for use in projects that require collaboration over the internet
  • Open Work Bench - an open source alternative to Microsoft Project
  • SourceForge - For all of the opensource tools I didn't get to list here
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