This section of the site deals with the various ethologies I have used or encountered on various projects.  

Using a methodology, any methodology is vital to producing high quality data models and systems.  Without a methodology one cannot make any assurance of consistency across the entire effort.
  • RUP / OpenUP - popular with the object orientated community.  Nice mature methodology for formal iterative develop efforts.  Sometimes a formal methodolgy can be difficult to navigate so an outline of OpenUP has been provided.
  • IDEF0 - the Business Process Engineering companion to IDEF1X
  • IDEF1X - the data modeling component to IDEF0.  Very popular in the traditional waterfall community
  • Information Engineering - James Martin's / Clive Finklestien's nuts to bolts methodology - regarded as somewhat dated but still found in many shops
  • Structured Analysis and Design (DeMarco, Chen, Yourden, Rapid Application Development etc).  - These are application orientated methodologies that work very well in the arena they were designed for (I.E. application development).
No discussion would be complete without addressing a couple of emerging methodologies.  These 'methodologies' are not fully mature and have not stood the test of time to prove that they do indeed deliver what they promise:
  • Agile Programming - In my opinion, more of a set of guiding principles or a philosophy or an approach then a formal methodology.  Having said that, Agile seems to do a good job of quickly deploy small to moderate sized applications / systems.
  • Extreme Programming - While more formal then Agile the same comments apply.

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